Bus Shelters

BSMD009 - Sethupathy- 20x5 -BG Naidu Sweets - D (7)


CMM0001 - K.K Nagar - 2.5x4 - Muthoot Finance (12)

Pole Kiosks



People of different ages and from all walks of life use public transport, making this media a must-have in every campaign. Modern bus shelters are made of stainless steel in line with the norms set by the government. Commanding a universal audience and flaunting displays from baby products to high-end mobile phones and cars, bus shelter advertising has changed the conservative image that outdoor advertising held for ages.

  • Railway Station, Sethupathy School, Simmakkal, Byepass Road, District Court, Kalavasal, South Arasaradi and Palanganatham


The concept of repetition plays an important role here. According to research, viewing the same display continuously and simultaneously helps to efficiently register the message conveyed. Though comparatively smaller in size, by virtue of the number of displays at eye level, they sum up for a hoarding or two per location. Besides contributing to the aesthetic look of the road, the landscaping, greenery and lighting provided in the median automatically connects itself with the advertisement displayed.

  • Anna Nagar, KK Nagar


Predominantly branding options, pole kiosks are also positioned alongside the center medians / road medians, at a slightly higher elevation. This medium is a favourite among the corporate sector, who delight in having only their logos displayed repeatedly over a couple of kilometres. In Madurai they are 200 in number, spread across four locations.

  • Anna Nagar, KK Nagar, Ellis Nagar and Koodal Nagar (full bridge branding)