A confirmed family man, Rusi B. Gimi started this company. He instilled strong family values in every single member of the organisation, family members as well as employees. The company has grown beyond its founder’s wildest dream, but his successors continue to draw inspiration from this simple, yet dynamic individual. The family and the company-you can’t tell them apart. And that’s the way it’ll be.

A socialist and philanthropist by nature, he was basically a “people’s man”. His contribution to society is priceless, and this trend is seen in the company’s involvement in various social welfare activities.



Darius Bahadurji is the Chairman & Managing Director of Vantage. He and his wife grew up in Calcutta, and shifted to Chennai to launch Vantage. It was initially a very basic set-up with just two employees, big ambitions and slow, small projects. Through sheer grit, hard work and a few committed clients, the business gained momentum, with branches in Coimbatore and Madurai in Tamilnadu, and further in Bangalore, Hyderabad and Cochin covering the Southern Region, as well as in Mumbai.

The secret of his position in the industry is his indomitable will to succeed, through the toughest of times, nurturing and mentoring his team to stand their ground and set examples, while the company moves from success to success and generation to generation.



To provide the best Out-Of-Home Advertising opportunities backed by professional service, using the latest technology to give our clients the edge in the market place. In the process we also look at building relationships with our partners-in-progress clients, suppliers, landlords and the government, empowering our employees to reach for excellence.


To give back to our society more than we take from it